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Organic Search Engine Optimization oSEO

Remember, just because you have a website doesn’t mean you’ll be found! Even though we are based in Utah County, Utah, SEO is as big as world-wide or can be as small as a city, town or region. Our location is NOT relevant to your success. We have successfully placed our clients in their desired organic positions for many years and continue to do so. Our offices are located in Pleasant Grove and Salt Lake City Utah to better serve you.

It is very true that the best listing in any search engine is through its’ own natural/organic search listings. In order to get that listing you must follow many rules in the building and promoting of your website. It is not just given to you because you submit your site to them, there are even rules about how you can submit your site.

It takes a lot of experience, trial and error to get it right and many folks just do not have that type of time to mess around with their rankings. You cannot afford it either. Luckily, unless you are banned, it is not that hard to boost your rankings but it does take time and patience. Sure you can purchase services that “automatically” submit your urls to engines but is that really what you need? Do you even know what you need?

YOU NEED CHANGE!! All websites in order to keep their listings fresh need to change the content, links, pictures, yada yada, of your website. The more you do this the more search engines will come back to see what is new at your website. Your website must be formatted right, search engine friendly in all aspects in order for their robots to browse through your website.

Don’t be fooled by huge bucks to do your SEO either, most times it is just a bunch of fluff to get you to spend a lot. Many companies charge tens of thousands to do what can be done with half of that. If you are educated correctly you can do a lot of it in your spare time, it is really not that hard.

We would love to help you with your Organic SEO Needs

Just because you have a website doesn’t mean everyone knows about it.

A few of our satisfied SEO clients are: Century 21 Gage Froerer & Associates of Ogden, Utah,  Dr Wisdom Teeth of Wisdom Teeth Only, Wasabi Sushi of Draper and Better Birth of Orem Utah.


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